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The Science of Combat Performance

One Of A Kind

Injuries are a common occurrence in the life of a combat athlete. Until now, there have been limited resources to help these specialized athletes recover from injury, prevent future injuries, and improve performance. CASI offers a unique blend of combat athlete experience and sports medicine.

Backed by Science

At CASI we bring the latest in sports science research and technology to combat athletics, offering affordable and highly effective solutions.


Our team brings together the top innovators in our field to provide these athletes with evidence based, validated solutions.

The C.A.S.I. recovery room at Tennessee Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy has dramatically improved the impact training has on my body. I’m a 35-year-old dad and try to get into the gym 4-6 times a week between classes and open mat. In three weeks of using the Normatec system regularly, I can confidently say that my legs feel better than they have since college, and I’m able to train harder and more often as a result. I can’t say enough about the value it provides, and I’ve been dragging everyone in arm’s reach in there with me to experience it themselves. Do it!

William H.

The guys at C.A.S.I. are not only experts in combat sports, but in recovery and injury prevention as well. The combined knowledge coupled with the recovery room equipment is invaluable to our gym. The C.A.S.I. recovery room helps me, a 51 year old BJJ student, stay on the mats and injury free. I am very glad the owners of my gym made the investment.

John V.
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